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Principal's Message: 10/25/21

Dear OHS Families,

The last week of October is here!  This tends to be an exciting week for students as we approach Halloween.


COVID Safety Thank You and Unexpected Pick Ups

As we move into the last week of October, I want to again thank all of you for all the steps you are taking to keep our community safe. You have followed guidelines and have been cautious in keeping your children home when sick. One other important piece that I want to highlight is the need to pick up your child as quickly as possible if the nurse calls reporting COVID symptoms.  I know this is challenging when an unexpected call arrives for pickup but it is an important part of limiting the chances for spread when individuals might be contagious.  Your patience when picking up is necessary during the day is very much appreciated.


Halloween Parade Plan for this Friday

As a reminder, we will have our time for Halloween fun on Friday, October 29th. There will be two parades that day.  Follow this link for more information about the parades and a map of the route.

Our kindergarteners will have a parade around the outside of the school at 9:15 am.   Our parade for students in grades 1-5 will begin at 2:30 pm that day and will start with grade 1 and work up through the grades to grade 5. 

Please keep in mind we cannot have toys shaped as any sort of weapon.  If a costume has a pretend gun, sword, knife, sickle, pitchfork, etc., we ask that students please save those for neighborhood trick-or-treating. 

For anyone who chooses not to wear a costume, which is completely fine, I would encourage the wearing of school colors, spirit wear, or Halloween colors. 

Have a great end to October,