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Principal's Message: 4/19/21

Dear OHS families,


Welcome back!  I hope you had a lovely, relaxing week.


CARES Assembly Before the Break

Before the break, we had a great virtual CARES Assembly related to Diversity.  Mrs. Dressler started it off with a mindful moment of relaxation.  Mrs. Galgano lead the rest of the assembly starting with the book, Everybody Cooks Rice, in which many families in a neighborhood are visited, each having differences of family, country of origin, race, or culture, but they also have similar needs in life.  In each of the families, rice was being cooked in different ways.  Students then had a chance to discuss with their classmates the following questions: What do all people need?  and What do all people deserve?  Classes had an opportunity to share out some of their discussion points with the school.  There were some great ideas shared.  One standout response was, “Everyone deserves love.” 


Mrs. Galgano left the classes with a task at the end of the session, with K-2 students working on creating classroom plate of foods from their family’s traditions.  Grade 3-5 students were tasked with making posters that share some statements about what everyone deserves.  Those will all be on display in the APR.


Author Visit - Grades 3, 4, and 5 – April 23rd

To conclude the CARES assembly, each class read a clue for a scavenger hunt for our fifth grade classes so they could find the autographed copies of a Chris Grabenstein book the PTA purchased for each of our fifth grade students.  This is the author who will be “visiting” OHS students in grade 3-5 on April 23rd.  Big thanks to Liz Feeney for organizing the event and to the PTA for sponsoring the event. It is going to be great fun to meet the author.


Reminder: Wednesdays – 90 minute late starts this week – 4/21

Last week, the superintendent sent out news that each Wednesday starting on April 21st and continuing for the remainder of the year would start with a 90-minute delayed opening.  Our arrival time for Wednesdays will shift to 10:15-10:30 am.  The lunch times are not impacted by the delay. We did have to make changes to special times and the district adjusted the duration of specials on these days in order to fit them all into the day.  Art will be 40 minutes for everyone, all kindergarten specials will be 40 minutes, Spanish will be 25 minutes, and LLC/PE/Music for grades 1-5 will be 30 minutes. 


April Break Week Travel Reminder

Please be sure to consult the suggestions in the travel advisory to help plan your child(ren)'s return to school.  Keep in mind that we need one school day’s notice to shift a student to livestreaming. At this point, if you plan to have your child(ren) livestream when we come back, the soonest they would be able to start livestreaming would be Tuesday, 4/20. 

Smarter Balanced Assessments Begin This Week

We will have the Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBA) starting after the April break for grades 3, 4, and 5.  These are the state-mandated standardized assessments.  We had a break from them last year, so this will be the first year our third graders and fourth graders will be taking them.  Each grade level will have a week focused on English Language Arts (ELA) and a week focused on Math.  Typically, the assessments run across 3-4 testing sessions for the week.  If a student is absent for any of the testing sessions, we will make it up once they return.  Please see below for the testing weeks for each grade level.  We encourage good nights of sleep and solid breakfasts during the testing weeks.


 Testing Weeks for Grade Levels

  • 4/19-4/23: Gr 5 ELA SBA

  • 4/26-4/30: Gr 4 ELA SBA

  • 5/3-5/7: Gr 3 ELA SBA

  • 5/10-5/14: Gr 3 Math SBA

  • 5/17-5/21: Gr 4 Math SBA

  • 5/24-5/28: Gr 5 Math SBA and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Assessment

I hope you have a good return to school!