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Principal's Message: 6/20/22

Dear OHS Families,

It is hard to believe we are here at the end of the year with two minimum days until the summer break.  This has been a challenging year for many of us, more challenging than what I was expecting before the year began.  I think the fatigue of dealing with all the mitigation strategies and cases that pop up has had an impact on many of us, though I can only speak for myself. 

That being said, the last months of being able to come together once again for Family Fun Night, the June Jam, Fifth Grade Moving Up, and many more of our jam-packed spring events have helped in coming out of the fog and reminding ourselves of the incredible community we have here who care about one another and put student needs first. 

I want to again say a huge thank you to our supportive PTA, who have done so much for our staff this year with special treats, coffee, meals, freshening up of the staff room, and wish list purchasing to name a few.  They continue this with today’s food truck after school for staff. It is kind, thoughtful, and supportive of the PTA to set this up and help provide some extra sustenance to get our crew through the packing up of rooms for summer cleaning.  They have brought in amazing programs for our students, including this past week’s Extreme Science that was highly entertaining and highly educational (Thank you to Dana Mazzarella and Melissa Salvatore for organizing this event!).    

I said a big thank you in last week’s Flash to Emily Lusk and Tara Van Horne for their thoughtful leadership of the PTA this year but I simply can’t go without saying thank you again to cap off the year.  It has been a treat to work closely with both of you!  You have led with kindness, fortitude, and joy.

I also want to say thank you to Debbie Greene for her work on putting together each Flash this year and putting up with my late entries!

At Friday’s Fifth Grade Moving Up Ceremony, we had a beautiful send off to our fifth graders heading off on their new adventures.  This group of fifth graders have really stepped into the role-model-for-the-school role this year.  They are going to be busy these last two days at OHS. On Monday, they will be organizing and packing all the donations for Operation Hope that our community kindly donated to finish off their service project.  On Tuesday, they will be taking on the staff in our annual Fifth Grade vs. Staff Kickball Game.  They are a memorable group and will be missed.

Also at the Moving Up, we recognized the families that are moving up and out of OHS with their youngest child in fifth grade.  I want to thank everyone in that group as well as any other families who are moving away over the summer and will not be with us come fall.  Thank you for all you have done for our community and I hope you take happy moments from OHS with you.

Your child(ren)’s Spring STAR Assessment results are now available in Infinite Campus. On Tuesday afternoon, the final progress report for the year will be available in Infinite Campus as well. 

I will be tagging along on my wife’s work trip starting the day after school gets out. I will also be spending some time in Maine for some of July.  I am looking forward to time with my family and some good books and relaxation. I will also be at school quite a bit getting ready for the new school year.   

I hope all of you have a summer filled with what makes you happy and I will look forward to seeing you in the fall (though let’s not rush the summer!).  I know how lucky I am to spend each day with our incredible staff, our hard-working students, and our caring families.  Thank you for helping make OHS what it is.

Very sincerely and with kind regards,