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Principal's Message: 6/15/20

Dear OHS Families,

As we come to the end of the 2019-2020 school year, I want to thank you all for your support and work, especially these last months.  This has not been an easy year for any of us including our students.  I remain exceedingly proud of our community and the ways we have come together, even when we are forced apart physically.  These last months have been a major burden on families as you try to balance all the demands of our current structure.  As a school and district, we learned many things from the last months that we would do similarly and things we would change.  I do not have any answers about what fall will look like.  I do know if distance learning is required at any time, our team will take what we have learned and continue to grow. Please know I will send out updates through the summer whenever I have news to share.  I cannot speak to a timeline for when to expect news but I will be sure to share it with you as soon as possible.

2020-2021 Position Changes

In looking ahead to next school year, it appears we have very little changes in teacher positions.  This past year, we had four sections in second grade, while all other grade levels had three sections.  As that larger group moves to third grade next year, we will be losing a section of second grade and gaining a section of third grade. I am happy to announce Mrs. Accomando will be moving to third grade.  Over the past days, Mrs. Accomando has been busily packing up her second grade room to move down the upper hall to be closer to her new team.  Mrs. Accomando is excited about the change and will be a great addition to the third grade team.

PTA Presidents- Thank You!

This year I had the pleasure of working closely with our PTA co-presidents, Dawn Gitman and Bridget Edwards.  They have given so much of themselves this year (and many years prior!) to the PTA.  Both were thoughtful, responsive to communication, caring, and good-humored.  I will miss working with them in this capacity and appreciate all they have done to help our students and our school through their leadership. I look forward to more time with Dawn next year.  I wish Bridget and her family well on their exciting next steps in North Carolina.  We will miss you! 

PTA Flash- Thank you

I want to send a word of appreciation to Barbara Duggan for her work in putting together the OHS Flash each week.  I have little knowledge of how the Flash works and how it is put together.  All I know is no matter how late I am sending in my portion, I always get a kind reply from Barbara.  Thank you for all your work and putting up with my tardy submissions!

Progress Reports

This Wednesday, 6/17, in the afternoon, students’ progress reports for the third marking period will be posted. As a reminder, due to distance learning, some of the standards are not being used and the way the remaining standards are being marked has changed.  Standards will be marked with an “M” for Meeting or a “P” for progressing.  Teachers may also select “N/A” as a mark.  This will be used for situations where there was not enough evidence on the standard to make a determination for a student.  

Fifth Grade Celebrations

This past week has been busy and exciting for our fifth graders.  We had a big parade of fifth graders out in front of the school on Wednesday with over 30 staff members in attendance to cheer them on (including former principal, Mr. Arnone!).  That evening, their Variety Show Video was released and there was a nice watch party for the event with students and staff commenting live online.  Over the weekend, they received their Moving Up baskets with their certificates and goodies from the fifth grade committee.  On Sunday, we released the Moving Up Ceremony recording to complete the celebrating of our time together.

The following people were instrumental in making the week’s celebrations possible:

  • Mrs. Budlowski, Mrs. Taylor & Mrs. Beatty, Office Support – including certificates and program creation
  • Mrs. Tricia Palsa, Kerry McClane, Carol Guernsey, & Lynne Brocklesby, Fifth Grade Committee (Planning and Baskets)
  •  Mr. Bill, Mr. Lou, Mr. Gary, Planning layout for parade that worked so well!
  • Mrs. Allyson Valentine, Making balloon decorations for the parade
  • Mrs. Liz Giardina, Photo Montage Creator
  • Mrs. Laura Haskitt, Music Video Editor and Variety Show Editor
  • Mr. Scott Haskitt, Music Sound Editor for Moving Up and Variety Show
  • Mrs. Anmarie Galgano, Moving Up Ceremony Video Editor and collection of student memories

All of these people have given a great deal of themselves these last weeks to celebrate our fifth graders. Thank you, all!

Final Days of Pick-Up/Drop-Off Times

Our first two days of pick-up/drop-offs went very smoothly (knock on wood!).  Just pull your car around the bus loop and we will help guide you from there.  If you can bring anything you are returning in a bag marked with your child’s name, that would be helpful.  I will send out a reminder to the individual classes the day before your scheduled time.  Below is the schedule for the final three days.


OHS Schedule for Pick-Up of Student Belongings and Drop-off of School Materials

Monday, June 15th

2T & 2A and 3rd Grade

Tuesday, June 16th

4th Grade

Wednesday, June 17th

5th Grade

8:45-9:45:         2 Tapia

10:00-11:00:     2 Accomando

11:15-12:15:     3 Brennan

12:30-1:30:       3 Grammatico

1:45-2:45:         3 Renzulli

8:45-9:45:       4 Elmore

10:00-11:00:   4 Fleming

11:15-12:15:   4 Perry

8:45-9:45:            5 Edwards

10:00-11:00:        5 Finck

11:15-12:15:        5 Roos

As we move into the summer months, I wish you some joyful time as well as safety and good health.  These last months have certainly punctuated the importance of in-person social time.  I look forward to when we can all be back together safely.

With appreciation and best wishes,